Wurlie Electric Organ


The Wurlie Electric Organ is a fun and functional instrument inspired by a legendary classic. This prop is completely rigged and hand painted and was built using many references from the ground up to capture some of those iconic details. There are fully loading presets for either a forward or backward facing speaker for both against the wall, or stage scenarios. Once loaded and posed, the parented set can be moved anywhere in your scenes.

This set comes with two starter poses for both Genesis 8 Male/Female with corresponding H-Poses for the organ/stool. Every key, switch, tone-slide, and foot pedal are poseable. Slides and switches can be accessed via the Parameters Tab - by selecting the Wurlie Organ prop. The Keys and Foot Pedals can be posed by selecting them in the Screen Tab. They have all been set up in Octaves for easy viewing/selecting (individual pose sliders are in the Parameters Tab also - when bone is selected).





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Wurlie Electric Organ