Viking Battle Bundle


The only thing better to have by your side in battle than the ancient spirits is the Viking Battle Bundle!

This Bundle is perfect for your warriors, villagers, pillagers and plunderers with the new Runa for Genesis 8 Female, faithful and purpose-made Outfits, a Viking’s Hair, a Poses and Expressions pack and, the amazing Viking Shoes Scene and Props, the ideal location for a post-excursion gathering.

But that may not be enough for a Viking, so you also get Medieval Weapons for Genesis 8, the Dire Wolf for Daz Dog 8, and a Blood Splash for your Genesis 8 Characters who are laid to rest after battle, or have managed to survive despite injuries.

Get the Viking Battle Bundle and go into battle prepared!

  • Dire Wolf for Daz Dog 8
  • Viking Shores Scene and Props
  • Blood Splash for Genesis 8
  • Medieval Weapons for Genesis 8
  • dForce Sigurd Outfit for Genesis 8 Females
  • dForce Marida Gown Outfit for Genesis 8 Females
  • Iselind Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Females
  • Z Shield Maiden Poses and Expressions for Freja 8
  • Runa for Genesis 8 Female



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Viking Battle Bundle