Velo Bike Racing Poses for Genesis 8

Velo Bike Racing Poses for Genesis 8


It's all about speed and endurance. Velodrome racing covers a broad range of bicycle racing, anywhere from long distance single racers, to the tag-team Madison races - where teammates slingshot each other around the track.

Give your Genesis 8 Females and Males a chance to go for the glory with these 17 3D digital hierarchical pose presets designed to be used with the Velodrome Bike by Forbidden Whispers and David Brinnen for the PC+.

Also included is a wearable preset for both the Genesis 8 Female and Male models to load the Velo Bike in a carrying pose for ease of use. (It's a bonus pose!)Vi

As always, FeralFey poses are fact checked for gravity, balance and realism.




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Velo Bike Racing Poses for Genesis 8