Universal Horns for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Universal Horns for Genesis 8 Female(s)


“Universal Horns for Genesis 8 Females” is the new edition of the Universal Horns set from Midnight_stories. This set comes with an additional 5 sets of horns, giving you 12 sets in all. Each set of horns comes with additional morphs to give you a huge range of styles. There’s the 7 classic demon sets, 3 different forest types and 2 sci fi sets. All textured for Iray. There should be something for everyone. They will suit all shapes and with auto fit. There are 6 HD morph sets for Genesis 8 Female to help with fitting to the skull. Even try conforming 2 set at once. This is a must have for any fantasy scene. Be on the lookout for the matching Genesis 8 Male set. You get 5 more horn sets for the same price.





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Universal Horns for Genesis 8 Female(s)