The Super Hero’s Car

The Super Hero's Car


The Super Hero's Car is a tough and fast multi-purpose vehicle. It is a mix of both super sports cars and military vehicles designed for city and off road needs and is suitable for any non-super powered super hero, with or with out a hang up about bats!

The Super Hero's Car can be loaded up with or without the turret and the turret can be loaded up separately as well so it can be used with other vehicles or as a stand alone turret on a wall or similar. The turret loads in position for use with The Super Hero's Car. Each rocket is a stand alone figure with extendable stabilizers and will load in their place, parented to the turret.

The Super Hero's Car, Turret and each Rocket have pose controls for all movements. There are also presets to change each numerical digit on the dash board from 0-9 which will allow you to set the KMH, RPM, Oil and Engine Temp and the remaining ammo for the Turret and Rockets. Mesh lights are also present to make it look like the headlights, tail lights and turn signals work.




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The Super Hero’s Car