SY dForce Rags for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Are your characters fleeing from zombies?  Are your characters zombies themselves? Or have they fallen on hard times in your contemporary or fantasy setting, rendering them homeless beggars in rags?

In any case, whether you're looking for horror, fantasy, or gritty realism, your characters need these torn and ragged clothes for Genesis 8 Males.  With lots of supporting FBMs and extra clip fixer morphs, you have many, many options both before and after sim for making your characters look their best (AND worst)!

dForce Rags come with Dress, Cape, Kilt, Pants, Shirt, Bra and Foot Wraps, wripped, torn, and ragged for all of your old rag needs.




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SY dForce Rags for Genesis 8 Female(s)