Summer Fun for Round Pool Deck

Summer Fun for Round Pool Deck


Summer Fun" for Round Pool Deck by Lilflame

- This is an ADD ON product - Props NOT included
- Materials included are for the Deck/Water/Leaves/Chairs/Towels/Pillows/Cocktails/Fruit/Tabe

- 03 Materials for Deck
- 03 Materials for Water
- 03 Materials for Leaves
- 03 Materials for the Chairs (wicker, bamboo, woven)
- 11 Materials for Chair Towels (Including ANY Color option)
- 11 Materials for the Pillows (Including ANY Color option)
- 02 Materials for the Pool Bottom
- 04 Materials for Cocktail 01
- 04 Materials for Cocktail 02
- 03 Materials for the Half Fruit (Orange, Lemon, Lime)
- 02 Materials for the Wooden Table

- 49 Materials Total
- Iray ONLY, 3Delight is NOT included in this set!

- This is a texture add on for the prop/environment set by Lilflame - this does NOT include any props, this is textures/materials only to enhance your swimming pool experience! Three different water materials are included for different water surface bump/displacement, mix and match pillows, towels, decks, table, cocktails, chairs, and pools! Iray ONLY! 3Delight is NOT included for this set!




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Summer Fun for Round Pool Deck