Spring Dynamics for DAZ Studio


Spring Dynamics is a scripted application that runs in DAZ Studio and automatically calculates the movement of selected nodes or bones to simulate soft-body or spring dynamics.

By simulating an object’s resistance to movement, the applet creates a movement effect that is opposite to the movement of that object in the scene. The movement of the object is calculated in world space so that even if the object is moved as a result of a hierarchal parent movement, it will still react to the overall movement in the opposite direction to that movement.

The speed and direction of the object’s movement will affect the calculated reverse motion - large movements will result in a bigger effect, while small movements will product a smaller effect.

The angle of the bone or node at the start of the animation will also affect the generated movement on each axis.

In short, simply selecting a bone that you wish to add movement to and running Spring Dynamics will result in automated animation of the bone (and potentials it's children).





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Spring Dynamics for DAZ Studio