Sitric HD for Genesis 8 Male


Sitric HD for Genesis 8 Male is a Little Person with a lot of personality.

Measuring up at four feet nine inches, Sitric is charming and quick-witted, and most underestimate him to their peril.

With separate HD head and body morphs, Sitric's skin has been crafted using high-resolution photo references, and this set comes with a custom goatee beard and fibermesh eyebrows in six colors.

He also comes with eight eye colors, eyeliner options, and LIE body tattoos that can be applied to the right and or left side and can also be used on all of your other Genesis 8 Male skins. Sitric mixes very well with other Genesis 8, so you can populate your renders with multiple variations should you so wish.

Get Sitric HD for your historic, king/emperor, and everyday scenes.




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Sitric HD for Genesis 8 Male