PTF Magic! Shaders and Wearables for Genesis 3 and 8


Need magic for your renders but shudder at the thought of having to do post-work? It is a lot of effort, indeed... Unless you have PTF Magic! Shaders and Wearables, which does most of the work for you right inside the DAZ Studio!

This amazingly useful pack contains a wide range of spell effects in the form of shader presets for general use and as wearables with materials for the arms of Genesis 3 and 8 people. Load the selected wearables onto the figure, choose a spell effect, select the mask for the effect, adjust the parameters - and HUZZAH! Your character is casting a spell, and all the magical lighting and reflections are right there, in the scene.

Now add some geoshells to various items, like weapons, or clothing, or props - and you have interactions with the world! Throw in a few DAZ primitives to create auras, shields, spell balls and arrows - BOOM! Magic is everywhere!




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PTF Magic! Shaders and Wearables for Genesis 3 and 8