Pose Randomizer Pro


Unlock the infinite potential lurking inside your expensive pose collection! Pose Randomizer Pro takes the popular Pose Randomizer product and upgrades it with tons of new features.

Pose Randomizer Pro is a suite of scripts for creating new poses and enhancing existing ones. Pose Randomizer Pro works by selectively randomizing the bone orientations of your Figures and Characters.

It is designed to work with any character... from Victoria 4 to Genesis 8, from Horse to Dragon, Male or Female... anything with bones!

  • Designed for any Character or Figure... from Victoria 4 to Genesis 8, from Horse to Dragon... anything with bones
  • Works with entire figures or Sub-Trees of the bone hierarchy
  • Create new looks for your poses with just one click
  • Give just a hint of imperfection to your poses to make them look more realistic and less "posed." Life isn't perfect, your poses shouldn't be either
  • Selectively control which parts of the body are affected (Designed for Michael 4/Victoria 4 - Genesis 8, though it may work with other characters)
  • Settings are automatically saved and restored
Exclusive to Pose Randomizer Pro (!):

  • Expands the original 2 Pose Randomizer scripts to a suite of 12 different scripts
  • Multi-Level Undo and Redo
  • Separate Perturbation Percentage sliders for Bend, Twist, and Side-Side
  • Optional Unidirectional Perturbation (i.e., all bones are rotated in a positive or negative direction) and the ability to mirror Unidirectional Perturbation Left to Right (e.g., right arm and left arm will bend in the same direction regardless of slider setup, M4/V4 - G8 only)
  • In-Dialog Camera
  • Install as Custom Actions Script
Pose Randomizer is not required.  No poses are included with the package.





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Pose Randomizer Pro