Marie Antoinette for DS

Marie Antoinette for DS


Marie Antoinette for DAZ Studio

Lace Lingerie Outfit for Genesis 8 Female and Props.

Characters and hairs on images are NOT included!

This package contains:

MA Baroque Stool.duf
MA Baroque Armchair.duf

For Genesis 8 Female :

Marie Antoinette Outfit.duf
MA Bra.duf
MA Hand Fan Left.duf
MA Hand Fan Right.duf
MA Right Hand Fan Pose.duf
MA Left Hand Fan Pose.duf
MA Left Shoe.duf
MA Right Shoe.duf
MA Socks.duf
MA Mask 02.duf
MA Mask 01.duf
MA Pantie.duf
MA Shoes Foot Pose.duf

11 Props :

MA Baroque Armchair
MA Baroque Stool
MA Bra
MA Hand Fan Left
MA Hand Fan Right
MA Left Shoe
MA Mask 01
MA Mask 02
MA Pantie
MA Right Shoe
MA Socks

Materials Iray

MA Bleu Acien.duf
MA Bleu Azur.duf
MA Bleu Flo.duf
MA Bleu Royal.duf
MA Jaune Oiseau.duf
MA Ocre Antoinette.duf
MA Rose Ancien.duf
MA Rose Bombonniere.duf
MA Rose Marie.duf
MA Rouge Soyeux.duf
MA Vieux Vert.duf

MA Bra Black.duf
MA Bra White.duf
MA Hand Fan Black.duf
MA Hand Fan White.duf
MA Mask 01 Black.duf
MA Mask 01 White.duf
MA Mask 02 Black.duf
MA Mask 02 White.duf
MA Pantie Black.duf
MA Pantie White.duf
MA Shoe.duf
MA Silk Black.duf
MA Silk Bleu Ancien.duf
MA Silk Bleu Flo.duf
MA Silk Bleu Royal.duf
MA Silk Jaune Oiseau.duf
MA Silk Ocre Antoinette.duf
MA Silk Rose Ancien.duf
MA Silk Rose Bombonniere.duf
MA Silk Rose Marie.duf
MA Silk Rouge Soyeux.duf
MA Silk Vieux Vert.duf
MA Silk White.duf
MA Socks Black.duf
MA Socks White.duf

Textures Include:

66 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (2048 x 2048 to 512 x 512 )




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Marie Antoinette for DS