M3D Hero 7 HD Shapes for Michael 7

M3D Hero 7 HD Shapes for Michael 7


M3D Hero returns and add an improved heroic-style male shape and head morphs to the Genesis 3 Male gene pool. This is an additive shape to Michael 7. All morphs are custom and only require the Michael 7 base.

The base product includes four custom asymmetrical head morphs and one body shape with an additive muscular shape, with a HD morph for the base shape to add extra details. This custom shape can be loaded as a scaled character preset or as a base shape only. Each head morph has been sculpted in Zbrush and includes correctives for eye closes. The body shapes include over 50 additional JCMs for improved bending and muscle flexes and can be mixed in with other morphs from the Genesis 3 Male gene pool.

Separate head, torso and leg vein HD morphs are included and can be dialed in at various strengths. Also a hip spandex morph has been added to help with shrinkwrap on the glutes when using bodysuits or autofitted clothing.

M3D Hero also include various HD morphs and adjustments for anatomical detail for your renders.





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M3D Hero 7 HD Shapes for Michael 7