Lamia for Genesis 8 Female

Lamia for Genesis 8 Female


Slithering through your fantasy worlds comes the re-envisioned Lamia for Genesis 8 female in Daz Studio. Making extensive use of geografting and other advanced rigging features available in Daz Studio, and with a wholly new set of incredibly detailed, snake skin themed textures, Lamia is a unique and intense design for a snake bodied woman with a venomous edge to her.

Included, also, are updated versions of the outfit from our original version of this concept, with their unique style, now enhanced with a full load out of Iray materials and rigging optimized for Genesis 8 Female with or without the lamia tail loaded. Included clothing are a uniquely designed bra, imposing "cobra" shaped hood, and archer's glove to accompany the bow and arrow props, also updated and included.

As a bonus, the also includes a selection of useful heirarchical poses which apply to the Genesis 8 female, lamia tail and the props, all at once.




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Lamia for Genesis 8 Female