La Femme Pro – V.2


What's new for La Femme V.2

La Femme has been updated in parallel to the updates for L'Homme. The Male morph for her is now a standalone figure. This makes using both figures easier. Scenes created with the original L'Homme morph for La Femme will still work. The figures can still share morphs, textures and Poses. The La Femme base figure is included with Poser in the 11.3 service release. The La Femme Pro figure has been updated to match the changes to the base figure. This is service release is free for all existing users.

- Improvements
- Improved JCM transfer and performance
- Face Morph Changes
- Expressions: Mouth Open, SmileWide and SmileSoft (formerly in mouth injections) have been moved to base La Femme 1.1
- Mouth Morphs added: Dentals Down-Up, Dentals Fwd-Back, Dentals Smaller, Teeth Expand
- Eye Morphs added: Iris Flat

- Body Morph Changes:
- Hand Morphs: Added GM Thumb Morph and GM FingerMorphs (special thanks to Ghostman for this contribution)
- Body Fixes: Added underarm morphs to fix arms down when sleeveless clothing is used.

- Additions
- Added HR Clothing DEV and Dress DEV rig. These rigs are 4X resolution of the original dev rigs. Recommended
to transfer rigging and JCMs to clothing. JCM and other morph transfers will require less smoothing in your
clothing when using this.
- JCMs and LaFemme's base body morphs are included in the base HR clothing dev rig.
- Morph injection poses for the HR Dev Rig will be added to Blackhearted's "Femme Fatale" and Deecey's "LaFemme Body
kit in their respective product updates.




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La Femme Pro – V.2