Korvath HD for Genesis 8 Male


Do you want your fantasy adventurers to face off against pale death? Korvath has you covered. Are you looking for a desert lizard? Korvath will meet you there. Do you want a villain that will blend into the night save for his warpaint? Korvath is already in the shadows. Want your monster a little fleshier? Korvath will happily oblige.

This astounding level 3 subdivision character comes with conforming horns and teeth to complete his bestial look, as well as 5 astounding texture options beyond the base texture set range from the Albino to the nightmarish and alien, with Orc and Neon options too!

Korvath also includes a fantastic bludgeon constructed with the blades of his fallen foes. He even has an eldritch eviscerated of his own.

Whether you need a fantasy hero, or a different character walking down your urban street, Korvath will impress you, or else!





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Korvath HD for Genesis 8 Male