Jaklin for Genesis 8 Female


Jaklin raised to fame when she was only a teenager, but she never let the success go to her head. She's always modest and makes the perfect girl next door.

The first set of head and body morphs are for a more realistic character, with slightly sharper facial features. The second brings a bit idealized, smoother look, with a smaller nose and a more innocent approach, a smaller rib cage, thinner waist and thigh gaps.

With the included 2 teeth materials, you can choose which will look better on your scenes depending on your lights (Natural teeth material and White teeth).

If you don't like the natural subsurface redness on the nose, you can apply the L.I.E. option to remove the redness. The Eyebrows that come in the textures can also be removed with the specific L.I.E. setting.

Jaklin for Genesis 8 Female is the perfect girl for your renders, as she comes with a big variety of preset styles. If you're looking for glamor, dark, fantasy, Sci-Fi or contemporary scene, Jaklin's your girl!





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Jaklin for Genesis 8 Female