HD Face Burns AddOn for Genesis 8 Females


HD Face Burns Texture Add-On for Genesis 8 Female(s) is a collection of 36 LIE Iray Material Presets for Carbonized Burns and 36 LIE Iray Material Presets for Raw Burn textures.

Because we know characters come in various colors, we have included two sets of LIE Iray Material Presets: the Light set and the Dark (which will blend better with darker or unusual skins) which will ensure a good texture blend with the underlying skin.

With this pack, you get 72 Carbonized Presets and 72 Raw Presets for a total of 144 LIE Iray Material Presets. And with the ability to mix and match them, you are in for even greater variation!

Like with our other packs, these can be combined to help add valuable subtext to your images, allowing you to build characters marked by hardships and pain. But who, ultimately, must wear the badges life has bestowed upon them… Whether they'll wear them with pride, shame or pain is up to you!

Note: This product only includes textures. To get the HD Face Burn Morphs you will need the base product. Having said that, as shown the first promo, you can certainly use these textures without the morphs. They can also be used on Generation 3 Characters so long as they use the Base UVs.

Also, keep in mind that these presets were set up to work with most skins based on where maps are set. Results will vary for characters with missing specspecular and translucency maps, as well as those built using N.G.S. Anagenessis shader system.

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HD Face Burns AddOn for Genesis 8 Females