Hard Liquor for Mistress Malefica Hair


Hard Liquor is a hair texture set with a kick! It's not "just your ordinary" texture add-on.

This set includes 40 brand new textures for Mistress Malefica hair, in every color you can imagine (each named and colored akin to certain types of alcoholic drinks) But these textures are more solid than the textures in the main set, which gives you a happy balance of both striped and solid, all told.

It also includes new materials for the headdress as well, which give the skull glowing eyes (instead of jeweled) as well as new Headdress materials which are multicolored, but different than the base set.

But it doesn't stop there. Also included is a hair decoration system. Much like the Beaded Bun holder and Circlet decorations in the base set, Ive gone ahead and made several new decorations in this set, so you can switch them up at will. Choose from a total of 7 different designs in all, each which boast a spirit animal symbolic of the 7 deadly sins (and each design has a matching bun holder and circlet in the set) There is a Spider for Sloth, a Snake for Envy, a Scorpion for Wrath, a Vixen for Lust, a Peacock for Pride, a Locust for Gluttony and a Dragon for Greed.

These circlets and bun holders all load separate from one another, you can load a partial or full set or mix them up how you want. The bun holders conform to the hair itself (so it must be selected before loading these) The circlets conform to Genesis as any regular conformer would (this is so you can use them with other hairstyles) and have fit to genesis morphs (where necessary) or float to hair morphs (rising the circlet atop of the hair, but still tucked below the buns) All the decorations come with matching textures to the Mistress Malefica outfit (and these are also mix and match - load any metal with any color gem or bead)

With all these options combined, you can really extend how the Mistress Malefica hair looks in multiple ways, adding even more kitbashability to the original hair.

So what's your poison?





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Hard Liquor for Mistress Malefica Hair