Goddess Circlet


Goddess Circlet is a beautiful headpiece, earrings, and earcuffs for the Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females.

Included in this package:

- Goddess Circlet (.duf)
- Goddess Earcuffs, L & R (.duf)
- Goddess Earring, Left (.duf)
- Goddess Earring, Right (.duf)
- Metal Textures, Silver and Gold
- 9 Gem Textures
- Hide/Show Deco Options

All pieces in the package are props and will parent to the head of your character. There are many morphs included to adjust to whatever character morph you use.

The Goddess Earrings will rotate from top at the ear wire using the X, Z, or Y rotation dials, and can be moved and adjusted with the X, Z or Y translation dials to better fit them to any character morph you may be using.

Circlet Morphs:

Adjust Brows
Adjust Cheeks
Adjust Ear Height
Adjust Ears
Adjust Forehead Tilt
Adjust Forehead
Adjust Front Ears
Adjust Height
Adjust Temples
Adjust Width
Expand All

Earcuff Morphs:

Move Back
Move Down
Move Out
Tilt Back
Tilt Out





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Goddess Circlet