Goddess Bikini

Goddess Bikini


The Goddess Bikini for the Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 females ... the ultimate in a sexy, sensual, two-piece suit that hugs every curve. It's ready for the pool, the beach, or the fantasy Goddess in all your dreams. This bikini has cheeky styled bikini bottoms, and a texture for any genre you need.

Included in this package:

- Goddess Bikini Bra (.duf)
- Goddess Bikini Panty (.duf)
- 13 Material Settings for each
- Silver and Gold Metal Material Settings

Morphs in the Goddess Bikini have been smoothed and perfected to work with all the Genesis 3 character morphs as well as chest morphs, etc., and the Genesis 8 version as well, for Victoria 8.





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Goddess Bikini