FSL Sparkly Shiny Iray Shaders


Need to add some pizzazz and prettiness to your scenes? Whether you're looking to add some shine to your mermaids, include more Bokeh in a sunny scene, or just brighten up your runtime, the Sparkly Shiny Shaders are for you!

The Sparkly Shiny Shaders include 63 Basic Shaders, 42 Atmosphere Shaders, 20 Layered Image Shaders, and 153 Mix and Match Shader presets. It also includes a backdrop prop and three atmosphere props with materials corresponding to the atmosphere shaders.

The Basic Shaders combined with the Layered Image Shaders and Mix and Match Shaders yield thousands of possible looks, or you can use the Layered Image and Mix and Match Shaders with existing textures for even more options!

With the included options, you can mix, match, sparkle, and shine your way to beautifully dreamy renders.





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FSL Sparkly Shiny Iray Shaders