Fantasy and SciFi Fast Render Lights


What do moons, rockets, swords, eclipses, portals and potions have in common? They all need lights that show their real power!

Fantasy and SciFi Fast Render Lights is a new light set fully explores the built-in Iray environment settings to create a wide variety of light, mood, and color for your renders. The speed of how quickly these rendered in development allows for vast experimentation with these 42 presets.

Your options include crescent moons, eclipses, black holes, an alien sunset, a rocket launch, meteor, and giant ring lights. These settings render 50-75% faster than Photo-based HDRIs, spotlights, mesh lights, they render smooth at any size because no HDRIs are used, and the included 29 utilities assist you with specific results. The tools include dome rotation, dome size, raising/lowering sky elements, and exposure, which is very helpful on interior renders with windows or open exterior doors.

You can use the render settings for primary light sources, just for backgrounds, or both. All promos are lit using the render settings only, other than the slight emissive qualities of some of the props used.

Concerned about hard drive space? Since there no HDRIs, this whole set is only 6MB!

Using the Aux Viewport pane will assist you with getting specific results quicker. The exposure utilities adjust Tone Mapping and a preset is included to go back to default. See the promos for additional instructions and tips.




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Fantasy and SciFi Fast Render Lights