Epic Legend Mix And Match Expressions For Gianni 6

Epic Legend Mix And Match Expressions For Gianni 6


Some warriors leave a legend behind them, a legend of myth and glory. You can tell by the look in their eyes, they came here for victory! Make your heroes express that strength and bravery.

Epic Legend is a pack of expressions organized in three folders (FullFace, UpperFace, and LowerFace) for Gianni 6.

With them, you can apply an expression that moves all the face, or partial expressions that move only the upper or lower parts of the face.

You can apply a full face expression, or make your own mixing the upper and lower face partials. This gives you more possibilities: change your idea on the go, leave the lips that you like and choose different eyes for the expression, use the parts of the expressions that you like more, or even choose similar partials to subtly change the mouth or eyes in an animation, just like what happens in real life.

Natural expressions for real faces, with subtle asymmetries to enhance realism. Good taste expressions, no grimaces.

Although they were made especially for Gianni 6, they also work on Genesis 2 Male(s), and figures based on him.





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Epic Legend Mix And Match Expressions For Gianni 6