Drutherson 8 Gnome of Gears Bundle


Drutherson goes Sci-Fi in the Drutherson 8 Gnome of Gears Bundle!

A miner by trade, Drutherson is known by all as a gnome of mischief. Drawing on his experience with magic, he is usually found experimenting with new spells and pranks. But his most sincere passions involve gadgets, gears, and shiny gemstones...

The Drutherson 8 Gnome of Gears Bundle consists of Drutherson 8, two amazing outfits with corresponding Textures Add-Ons, the sensational Felixx Hair, an Expressions pack, a Poses and Expressions pack.

To complete the set you also get the Steam Helicopter and Underground Bunker, which are just some of the intriguing places and vehicles this new character will encounter.

Get the Drutherson 8 Gnome of Gears Bundle for your steampunk, Victorian, Sci-Fi and battle scenes today!

  • Drutherson 8
  • Mine Time Outfit for Genesis 8 Males
  • Mine Time Outfit Textures
  • dForce Bilge Salt Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)
  • dForce Bilge Salt Outfit Textures
  • Felixx Hair for Genesis 8 Males
  • Steam Helicopter
  • Underground Bunker
  • Z Gnome of Mischief Poses and Expressions for Drutherson 8
  • Steampunk - Expressions for Genesis 8 Male and Drutherson 8




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Drutherson 8 Gnome of Gears Bundle