Dhmorra for Sanjay 8


Dhmorra is a character based off of the Sanjay 8 Model, with Facial and Body Sculpt based off of both an Aboriginal Australian Actor and an Indian Actor crafted in Hexagon and Zbrush for your runtime needs.

There is a Human Skin Set, as well as two full Fantasy Skin Sets, two extra base Fantasy Skins that use Diffuse Overlay for the mixing of the skins and adding additional color material presets for added variety.  With Fibermesh Brows, Horns made in Zbrush, several colors for the Fibermesh Brows as well as 2 Eyelash Presets, and other options to mix and match for your unique Djinn to devastate your Hero/Heroine in just about any type of render.

Materials are Iray Only.
Materials include Circumcised and Uncircumcised Anatomical Elements for Human and Fantasy Skins.

Required Products: Sanjay 8





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Dhmorra for Sanjay 8