DG Iray Tropical Fabrics Shaders

DG Iray Tropical Fabrics Shaders


DG Iray Tropical Fabrics Shaders and Merchant Resource is a new collection of 116 colorful tropical prints ranging from vintage and tradition to modern and graphic, and 40 coordinating unprinted heavy weave barkcloth textures for trims and accents.

Meticulously seamless, each tile was individually colored. There are subtle imperfections in the weave and variations in the coloring, just like real fabric. All fabric motifs were hand drawn. No stock resources were used.

All of the included shader presets use the Iray UberSurface shader that comes with Daz Studio 4.8+.

This set is also a merchant resource and can be used to texture commercial and free items, as long as the resulting textures are baked to a texture map. Full details are in the read me.





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DG Iray Tropical Fabrics Shaders