dForce SY Rigged Shadows Filament


Filament Engine is incredibly fast and looks great on architecture, but it doesn't cast clear shadows on human characters and other objects in the scene! It's possible this feature will come along, but until or unless it does, welcome to SickleYield's Rigged Shadows Filament! This set contains a humanoid shadow rigged with some bones so you can shift it around and bend it upward on walls as well as some other shadow shapes.

All are also dForce compatible if you want to simulate them directly onto objects in a scene! There's even a top-down rigged version of the humanoid shadow with a frozen head top area, so you can "pin" it to walls or buildings, bend the lower part away, and simulate it that way, too! Add more realistic shadows to your Filament renders today!

Designed for use with Filament PBR in Daz studio version 4.12.2





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dForce SY Rigged Shadows Filament