Daz to Iclone

iClone is a proven pipeline that Daz users have been using for a long time to produce awesome, quality work with all the beautiful content that Daz has to offer. Bring Daz characters to life with intelligent real-time lip-sync, facial expression tools, body animations, and dynamic soft-cloth physics behaviors.

We have streamlined the characterization process for Daz Genesis characters so that you simply drag them into our 3DXchange conversion software, in FBX format, to automatically complete all the bone mapping for you!

Once you have assembled your character in Daz, apply our pre-made iClone FaceKey DUF file. The DUF file contains a template set of keyframes, each corresponding to an unique face morph state of your Daz character which will later be used by the Expression Editor in 3DXchange to determine your character expression profile.

Fully Convert and Animate Daz Characters

  • Preserve the topology and UV maps of Daz characters.
  • Customize facial expressions in iClone.
  • Import character motions and poses.
  • Automatically import 63 facial morphs including viseme for lip-sync and facial expressions.
  • Full iClone facial lip-sync and facial mocap compatibility.
  • Support Genesis 1, 2, 3, and 8 characters.

Tutorial - Daz Genesis Pipeline Part 1: Enhanced Facial Expression Import

Tutorial - Daz Genesis Pipeline Part 2: Auto Material Enhancement for Character Import

Tutorial - Daz Genesis Pipeline Part 3: Batch PBR Texture Loading



iClone DAZ Genesis Extension v.4


iClone 3DXchange 7.7.4310.1 Pipeline Win x64

MEGA - decryption key: 0hO3gQq769NxTmPhy9yE3uRAwezjRQ3YDRmHI_BX2J8

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