DA Horse and Rider Poses


Horse and Rider become one in harmony!

A versatile set of Hierarchical Poses (H-Pose) for Genesis 2 figures and DAZ Horse 2 also included are wearable presets to correctly attach figures to DAZ Horse 2, figure poses and adjustment poses to alter the pose to fit most major figures for Genesis 2.

20 Horse and Rider one click H-Poses (Each includes Pose setting for Horse 2, Genesis 2 and Mane and Tail in a single preset)

5 Wearable Presets: To equip DAZ Horse 2 with Genesis 2 and Mane/Tail in correct Hierarchy

12 Horse 2 Poses

8 Genesis 2 Male Poses (For Mix & Match)

8 Genesis 2 Female Poses (For Mix & Match)

18 Adjustment Poses for Genesis 2 figures for correct seating height. (Use after dialing in your figure and Selecting Pose)

Required Products: DAZ Horse 2





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DA Horse and Rider Poses