Cloudscape Creator – Material Expansion


Cloudscape Creator - Material Expansion adds 20 high detail textured shaders to Sky Cover and Hero Clouds, along with a suite of material modifiers. Don't miss out on this material expansion that's perfect for fog, clouds, storms, vapor, smog, smoke and mist!

The wide variety of texture types included ensures you'll be able to find the perfect variation of clouds for your scene. All of the 20 presets come in dense, normal and sparse formats which brings the number of new options to 60. With every texture coming in 8k and 1k resolutions this means you get 120 total texture presets.

Also included are 16 seed options with shuffle the order of textures on your clouds, letting you get an additional 16 variations for every Cloudscape and Hero Cloud. From there you can apply modifiers to change the overall opacity, translucency and normal map strength to suit your needs.

Required Products: Cloudscape Creator - Hero Clouds for Iray




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Cloudscape Creator – Material Expansion