Cave Ogre for Genesis 3 Male

Cave Ogre for Genesis 3 Male


Prince Aranhrod gazed across the battlefield. As predicted, his hatred for Duke Ragnar had gathered armies to rise against him.

What he hadn't counted on, however, was that almost half of those armies consisted of tribes of Cave Ogres.

The beasts were technically man-sized, but much stronger and tougher than ordinary men. The only saving grace for his own forces was that they were both clumsy and stupid. Very, very stupid.

Rumor has it that Cave Ogres aren't really ogres, but rather some sort of aggressive crossbreed between true ogres, and the vicious orcs that lived in the foothills. Driven out of the homes of both peoples, they eventually began to breed true in the caves that gave them their name.

He raised his sword, even as the opposing horde roared out their challenges. "Archers, fire! Everyone else - prepare to charge!"

The Cave Ogre is the latest high definition, high detail character morph for Genesis 3 Male, just the perfect thing to give all your heroes a viable threat to fight!




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Cave Ogre for Genesis 3 Male