Bling Accents Goddess Circlet


12 new styles for Goddess Circlet by Rhiannon.

This set includes full preset styles as well as shaders of the individual metals, gems and bump options so that you can alter and create your own styles or mixing. Also included are 06 options to hide various parts of the circlet to create new looks.

You can alter your metal appearances by using the included bump maps, or switch out the gems, alter the crescents, etc.

NO portion of this package is a merchant resource!!

Go ahead accent your runtime...

Package Includes

• 12 MATs for full Set apply

• 12 MATs for Circlet
• 12 MATs for Earcuff
• 12 MATs for Earrings

• 06 Hide options for Circlet
• 03 Bump options
• 15 Gem Shaders
• 14 Metal Shaders




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Bling Accents Goddess Circlet