Avalbane for Genesis 8 Females


Avalbane is a custom-sculpted, pale-skinned, tall, slim-but-fit character who comes with a huge makeup set and hair shaders that can be used on other characters! She can be as feminine as you want, but she does have a bit of an androgynous streak.

All of Avalbane's makeup options are L.I.E. (Layered Image Editor) settings or geoshells, so they can be used on any G8F or G3F character using the Base UV. Not to mention, they can be mixed and matched, so the possibilities are virtually endless. Avalbane also comes with a lot of fiberhair color options (with shaders that can be used on other fiberhair and trans-mapped hair), so you can really play with her look just as she likes to do herself. She can have subtle looks, or full on glam rock! Her looks can also work on alien or fantasy races.

Avalbane is an Iray-only product. For 3Dl, please check out semwy and Oso3D's free IrayTo3Delight conversion script, or vyktohria's Convert It! - Iray to 3DL Characters (https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/convert-it---iray-to-3dl-characters/124690/), or RSSY Iray to 3Delight Converter and Merchant Resource (DAZ).

Items used in the promos are listed in the Readme file.

1 character load, 1 character dial, 1 head morph dial, 1 body morph dial, 1 navel morph dial,
1 nipple morph Dial, 1 genital morph dial (and corresponding shaping presets)
1 Iray mat complete (default, no textured brows)
1 fibermesh brow (7 color options)
1 fibermesh lash (7 color options, top and bottom lash separate material zones)
10 eye color options
10 lipgloss options (1 regular, 9 iridescent geoshell options)
4 LIE blush options
12 LIE eyeshadow options
48 LIE eyeliner options (6 shapes with many color options)
55 LIE lipstick options
20 fingernail color options
13 geoshell face confetti options (5 designs, one of which has 9 color options)
7 hair shaders in traditional colors
17 hair shaders in bold colors (helps create a bold mascara/liner look that needs no other eye makeup)
30 hair shaders in iridescent options
13 gradient hair shaders





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Avalbane for Genesis 8 Females