Altern8 Lee 8


Altern8 Lee 8 provides a wider variety of customization options for Lee 8 and your Genesis 8 Male characters.

Altern8 Lee 8 comes with 13 skin tones, 10 face shape presets (+3 bonus presets, which provide a bit more subtle changes), 12 eye color settings, 7 skin shine settings, 18 eye makeup options, 11 lip makeup options, 11 fingernail color settings, and a total of 31 Skin Settings, Skin Shine, and SSS Tint Shaders that have been set up to be usable with other Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female characters.

Altern8 Lee 8 also comes with 12 poses and 12 expressions (plus their mirrors) for Lee 8.

Required Products: Lee 8




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Altern8 Lee 8