Alexei Materials for Scar 8 and Genesis 8 Male


Get a new side of Scar 8 with Alexei Materials.

Alexei includes highly detailed textures for the Genesis 8 male, optimized for DAZ 3D's Scar 8 model. Alexei's textures were built from detailed photos not from a resource, with painstaking attention to the secondary maps as well as the diffuse maps.

Alexei's skin is a pale light tone with a reddish blush enhanced by Iray material settings, and his textures include a torso body hair/tattoo option as well as a shaved/smooth torso option. The tattoo is directly from the original photos of the human model, as opposed to overlay or clip art.

Alexei Materials for Scar 8 also includes extra face paint options so you can make your favorite hero, vigilante or villain! Notes: Alexei is a TEXTURE ONLY pack to use on Scar 8 or any of your favorite Genesis 8 males from Fantasy to Ultra Realism! All material poses are optimized for Iray.




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Alexei Materials for Scar 8 and Genesis 8 Male